I’m Laura and I’m super excited that you have found me!! I love all things wedding and truly LOVE being a Lancashire Wedding Photographer!! I live in Helmshore which is based within the Rossendale Valley, with my husband our two young boys and Coco, our tortoise shell coloured cat. Although I’m based in Lancashire, I cover weddings across the whole of the North West of England from the Lake District to Cheshire and everywhere else in-between!


So, what can I tell you about me…..well I love my family, unconditionally and I’ll do anything for them. I love log cabin holidays, white wine, pink gin and I’m totally obsessed with epic boxsets, my favourites being Game Of Thrones, Billions and Vikings - I’m a little bit in love with Ragnar Lothbrok!

I’m a real foodie, I love Chinese and Thai food. I love scouting out the best local restaurants and having some good food, but I’m totally not into puddings…well not most of them. I’m more a starter and a main kinda girl and I’ll always choose crisps over chocolate….unless I’m pregnant and then I’ll happily eat the two together (this has only happened twice and I’m not planning anymore children, unless they are the fur baby kind!!!) I love cheese…..I get really excited over a cheese board and I’m thoroughly disappointed when its not an option on a dessert menu.

One of my favourite seasons is winter, I love snow….although hate driving in it, I will literally avoid at all costs. However, I love watching it fall from the sky like cotton wool balls and the eerie quietness that comes when snow has laid, and no-one has driven or walked on it, there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling the snow crunch under your wellies!

I love Christmas…always have and always will, its a truly magical time, and yes I am one of those people who count Christmas as being from the 1st December, my decorations will be up, lights on. Real tree dressed (not a fan when it sheds its needles, and I vow every year never again…then December arrives and the real tree appears in my lounge!) My favourite Christmas movie is The Grinch, the original not the new animated version……not a fan, and I love mulled wine!!

Music, one of my other passions in life, I love music, it makes me feel happy, teary, excited so many emotions rolled into one and it has to be on loud!! My music tastes vary, I can like anything from cheesy pop on the radio to acting out the Greatest Showman in the kitchen, but I am a Indie Rock girl at heart with a love of house dance music thrown in for good measure. I love Kings Of Leon, The Foo Fighters, The Killers, Calvin Harris and David Guetta.

I love swimming, its the only exercise I really enjoy, you will never find me in a gym, I can’t stand being all hot and sweaty with a bunch of other people. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against anyone who goes to the gym, I think its a really good thing to do - we all should look after ourselves more, its just not for me. Water over a sweaty gym class any day. I made a vow to get back swimming at the start of the year….I’m still working on that one!

So, now you know quite a bit more about me, if you are sat here laughing and screaming to your other half, “she loves cheese and the Grinch”, then we totally need to chat all things wedding!! Don’t be shy send me a message. xx

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I absolutely love photography - this isn’t a job to me its my passion, creating memories is what I do and it’s such a privilege that I get to call what I love, my day job. I get to spend time with all you lovely people creating, natural and heartfelt memories for you to treasure and having a really fun day in the process!! My brides and grooms book me because they want a laid back, natural relaxed wedding photographer and someone who is there more as a friend then a wedding supplier.

So, if you like what you are reading, have a look around my site and contact me for a very informal chat to discuss my availability.

When I’m not shooting weddings I also get to have lovely cuddles with newborn’s and see babies eating cake to celebrate their first birthdays!! If you want to learn more about newborn, cake smashes and family sessions, then please head over to my dedicated family page - just click on the button below!

Love Laura x

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